Feel like you have to choose between getting your employees to work better or together? Have a successful business, but want to improve your leadership abilities to take it to the next level?

You want your business or organization to function effectively and efficiently — we can help. We offer training in leadership development, executive coaching, team-building, and conflict management to empower you to achieve your goals.

We work with you to set the objectives you want to achieve, then we develop a customized training and coaching curriculum for you and your team. (Examples of training, coaching, and leadership development services below.) Even if the training you want/need is not explicitly outlined below, we can create a customized training for your organization. Examples include:

  • Time management
  • Enhancing personal productivity
  • Effective delegation
  • Influencing others

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Leadership Development and Executive Coaching

Starting in a leadership role can look daunting. Established leaders can find it overwhelming to try to improve at leadership in the midst of day-to-day responsibilities. Where do you begin? What strengths and areas for improvement do you have as a leader? We work with you to assess your strengths and weaknesses, and help identify blind spots you can shore up in your role as an organizational leader.

Leadership Development and Executive Consulting consists of an individual assessment, an initial debrief of the results, the development of an action plan, and periodic follow-ups for accountability and ongoing development.


Whether you are forming a new team, or looking to refine the inner-workings of pre-existing group members, BOLT Group, LLC provides the activities and foundation. Focusing on the interests and behaviors of every individual, we dissect the behaviors of each members’ best and worst day, and discuss ways to help ensure that the bad days are few and far between.

Team-building consulting consists of individual assessments and a group training. We provide assessment results and help your team explore applications and implications of these results within your team.

Conflict Management

We’ll say what everyone knows already: conflicts are inevitable. Even in the best functioning teams and the most efficient and effective organizations. How do you handle conflict when it happens? What do you do when it comes time to address a controversial issue? We can help you examine problems within your organization from other perspectives, identify issues that increase the likelihood of conflict, and provide ways to handle conflict when it arises.

Conflict Management coaching consists of an individual assessment and a debrief meeting to discuss the results. Additional follow-up meetings and action plans are available as needed.